Why fahrenheit 451 should not banned school

It was also banned in other schools for its \”questionable themes\” one of the main themes of the story is a government which tries to suppress freedom of expression should be opposed.

Why fahrenheit 451 should not banned school

Fahrenheit 451 being banned how the students responded to fahrenheit 451 most of the students loved the novel with the exception with the one or two who found it to be rude because of the foal language and burning of the bible in some schools that want to ban this book, many of the students are signing a petition to save the book.

Parents and teachers have expressed concerns over the language in fahrenheit 451 although the book has not been completely banned in schools the irony of banning fahrenheit 451 is that the book itself is about suppressing ideas by destroying books.

Fahrenheit 451 is banned in some areas because it contains offensive language and content a parent complained to the superintendent of west marion high school about the book' s usage of the.

why fahrenheit 451 should not banned school Montgomery isd received one request from a parent to review instructional material, but the district has not banned any books, babette eikenberg, montgomery isd human resources executive director, stated in an e-mail to the courier alton verm's request to ban fahrenheit 451 came during the 25th annual banned books week.
Why fahrenheit 451 should not banned school
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